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Choosing the right wedding ring for you

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The options for wedding rings seem to be more and more numerous with decisions to be made about the colour, style and quality of the ring. Understanding the different options in a little more detail is a worthwhile investment of time given that this jewellery item will hopefully be with you for the rest of your life.

The wedding ring has traditionally been seen as the final gift in a series of betrothal gifts which includes the engagement ring. Its tradition dates all the way back to Roman times when it was seen as one of the most important jewellery items.

Choosing wedding rings for a couple can be the first of many future areas of compromise given that there are so many colours, shapes, designs and other factors to consider - it can be difficult to get agreement. Traditionally, the yellow gold ring has been the most popular; usually in either 14ct or 18ct gold. However, some people prefer the white gold as a better match with skin colour and it has become a popular, modern and stylish alternative. White gold includes other metals and it is the palladium that gives the gold its colour. Rose gold is another alternative which has been popular at various times as the fashion changes. The quality of the metal is an important consideration, given that most rings are worn for long periods, if not permanently. They can easily be scratched and damaged by day to day chores and many common cleaning products. Platinum is a heavier gold and one of the hardest and densest metals, giving a similar appearance to white gold but is very durable although more expensive. Titanium is also becoming popular as a fashionable and yet durable alternative but is also more expensive. Titanium also has the advantage that is much lighter. It is also important to give consideration to colour as in many cases the ring will need to match with an engagement ring. Two tone wedding rings have also become increasingly popular and these may take the form of coloured grooves or strips as part of the ring.

There are also a variety of styles to consider including: court, flat court, flat and halo. The traditional court ring is curved slightly on both the outside and the inside, while the flat court ring or D shape is flat on the outside, hence the name, which means it works well for rings with diamond settings. You do get a variety of D shaped rings including light, medium and heavy. In addition there is the halo ring halo ring that has a concave profile. You can also get puzzle rings which have a more complex design of interlocking rings. These can be more expensive due to the additional work and waste generated by the process. There is also the option to get a more custom or handcrafted design. Not having something that is ready made clearly has the advantage of not only being unique but gives couples something special to them albeit at a much higher price. These rings can be produced from moulds based on the use of CAD design systems. Some ring designs are more symbolic like the Russian ring which includes three interlocking rings to signify love, hope and faith. It is also not uncommon to have inscriptions on the ring for the couples' names or even some text with special significance to the couple. And just when you thought all the decisions were made, you also need to think about the type of finish to the ring which includes frosted, matt and the traditional polished gold.

The width of the ring will need to take into account the size of your fingers with men traditionally having a wider ring for this reason. How the ring fits with your engagement ring is another consideration.

Although there are numerous ways to purchase your ring, a professional jeweller will be able to get you sized correctly. This is normally done by placing a plastic ring on your finger and then comparing to a chart to obtain the correct size. Ideally, you should get the size taken at different times of day to make sure you get a size that is comfortable as fingers do swell due to the temperature and general weather conditions.

Given the cost in both money and sentimental value, it is worth taking some time to make the right decision when purchasing such an important jewellery item.


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