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Gold Valuation




Sell your gold

  • We guarantee to pay the minimum valuation shown on the calculator but you can receive up to the higher value depending on the quantity of gold and many items may be worth more than the scrap value. These items can be recycled through our retail premises without melting the item.  We do not charge for valuation.
  • If you know the weight and carat of your gold then you can use the Gold Calculator to calculate the value of your gold at Today's prices. 

Sell Gold over counter in Kingston

The value quoted is for our online service only - if you would prefer a counter service then please visit our Kingston Jewellers site for details.

  • We buy all gold jewellery and other gold articles, including gold without hallmarks, but the prices quoted are based on Government Hallmarked gold and platinum jewellery only.  You can find more information on hallmarks from the British Hallmarking Council Guide (PDF 2MB - requires Adobe Reader)
  • When we receive your gold (we recommend Special Delivery), we will check the carat of the gold for you and then weigh it. The scales we use are electronic and government passed scales to calculate the exact weight.
  • We will contact you on the day we receive the gold with a free quotation based on the price of the gold that day.